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2016 FILMS BY VENUE | Global Peace Film Festival
Sept. 18-24, 2017 | Orlando, FL


2016 Films by Venue

TICKETING NOTE: There is a box office at every theater.  Tickets you purchase will be at the theater’s box office prior to the screening.

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Bush Auditorium @ Rollins College
Best of Enemies Weds., Sept. 21 7pm
Puzzles (w/ We are Gay … We are Orlando) Thurs., Sept. 22 6pm
Rebels with a Cause Thurs., Sept. 22 8pm
If Project, The Fri., Sept. 23 5:30pm
After Spring Fri., Sept. 23 8pm
Pearl of Africa, The Sat., Sept. 24 1:30pm
ProjectMAD Sat., Sept. 24 3:30pm
A Bold Peace Sat., Sept. 24 6pm
Women are the Answer Sat., Sept. 24 8pm
Millennial Dream, The Sun., Sept. 25 1pm
Women are the Answer Sun., Sept. 25 3pm
Newtown Sun., Sept. 25 5pm
Plaza Cinema Cafe
A Bold Peace Thurs., Sept. 22 5:30pm
If Project, The Thurs., Sept. 22 7:30pm
RFK in the Land of Apartheid (Schedule change) Fri., Sept.
Speed Sisters Fri., Sept. 23 8pm
Why Can’t I be a Sushi Sat., Sept. 24 1pm
After Spring Sat., Sept. 24 3pm
Memories of a Penitent Heart Sat., Sept. 24 5:30pm
Newtown Sat., Sept. 24 7:45pm
Under the Same Sun Sun., Sept. 25 12:30pm
Road to Peace, The Sun., Sept. 25 3:30pm
(w/ We are Gay … We are Orlando)
Sun., Sept. 25 5:30pm
Love is Strange Tues., Sept. 20 6pm
Gallery at Avalon Island
No Asylum Thurs., Sept. 22 6:30pm
War on Trial Thurs., Sept. 22 8:30pm
Jackson Fri., Sept. 23 6pm
Requiem, The
Sat., Sept. 24 12:30pm
CARE Sat., Sept. 24 3pm
We Are Gay, We Are Proud, We Are Orlando Sat., Sept. 24 5:30pm
Sustainable Sat., Sept. 24 7pm
Pearl of Africa, The Sun., Sept. 25 1:30pm
Underfire … (Schedule change) Sun., Sept. 25 3:30pm
ProjectMAD Sun., Sept. 25 5:30pm
SunTrust Auditorium @ Rollins College
RFK In the Land of Apartheid Thurs., Sept. 22 6pm
Anthropologist, The Thurs., Sept. 22 8:30pm
Memories of a Penitent Heart Fri., Sept. 23 8pm
Under the Same Sun Fri., Sept. 23 6pm
Sustainable Sun., Sept. 25 12:30pm
Why Can’t I be a Sushi Sun., Sept. 25 2:30pm
Anthropologist, The Sun., Sept. 25 4:30pm
Valencia College West
Millennial Dream, The Thurs., Sept. 22 5:30pm
Valencia College Winter Park
Deportation of Innocence, The Fri., Sept. 23 7pm
Winter Park Public Library
Best of Enemies Thurs., Sept. 22 5:30pm
Sustainable Thurs., Sept. 22 7:30pm
CARE Fri., Sept. 23 5:30pm
Nuclear Requiem, The Fri., Sept. 23 8:15pm
Underfire … Sat., Sept. 24 12:30pm
Road to Peace, The Sat., Sept. 24 2:30pm
Jackson Sat., Sept. 24 4:30pm
Speed Sisters Sat., Sept. 24 7:30pm
No Asylum Sun., Sept. 25 1:30pm
War on Trial Sun., Sept. 25 3:30pm
Rebels with a Cause Sun., Sept. 25 5pm