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A Bold Peace | Global Peace Film Festival
Sept. 18-23, 2018 | Orlando, FL

A Bold Peace

Directors: Matthew Eddy/Michael Dreiling
Costa Rica/US, 2016, 101 mins

Costa Rica’s civil war in 1948 shook the country to its foundations, culminating in the decision to abolish the military. As Costa Ricans dismantled their military establishment, they intentionally cultivated security relationships with other nations through treaties, international laws, and international organizations. Free of the burden of military spending, they created a vital democracy, a wide middle class, and a strong welfare state with free university education and universal health care. Over the last 68 years, the Costa Rican model has survived several serious crises, but the current threats may be the most formidable of all.

Thur. 9/22, 5:30pm, Cobb
Sat. 9/24, 6pm, Bush