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Arctic Mosque
Sept. 18-23, 2018 | Orlando, FL

Arctic Mosque

Directors: Nilufer Rahman & Saira Rahman | Canada | 2014 | 79mins.

In 2010, a little mosque made an epic journey across Canada to the Arctic, where no mosque had gone before. Amidst a world that responds to mosques with fear and controversy, a little prefabricated mosque makes its way across the trials and beauty of the Canadian landscape in a celebrated and unprecedented 2500-mile journey by road and river from the prairie city of Winnipeg to the small arctic town of Inuvik. As the northernmost mosque in the western hemisphere establishes its roots in the Arctic permafrost, so too does the small yet eclectic community of Inuvik Muslims who carve out a unique Canadian identity as they find friendship and a home amongst some of the oldest cultural communities in Canada.


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