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Footprint: Population, Consumption & Sustainability | Global Peace Film Festival
Sept. 18-23, 2018 | Orlando, FL

Footprint: Population, Consumption & Sustainability

Director: Valentina Canavesio
USA, 2016, 82 mins

Footprint takes a dizzying spin around the globe, witnessing population explosions, overconsumption, limited resources, and expert testimony as to what a world straining at its limits can sustain. We spend time with indigenous health workers, activists, and the ordinary people in the Philippines, Mexico, Pakistan and Kenya, women who all challenge the idea that our world can continue to support the weight of humanity’s footprint on it. Footprint offers unprecedented access to the people on the ground who are all in their unique way challenging the status quo and making us rethink what’s really at stake. There are surprising revelations on who are the players standing in the way of solutions and those pushing for it, without losing sight of the array of possible solutions that open up when we take the time to ask this critical question of how many of us there are in the world and what the Earth can sustain if we are to all live a dignified life.

Thursday, 9/21, 6pm, SunTrust
Friday, 9/22, 5:30pm, WP Library