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The Lulu Sessions
Sept. 18-23, 2018 | Orlando, FL

The LuLu Sessions

Director: Casper Wong | USA | 2011 | 86mins.

LuLu is unlike anyone you’ve ever met.  A hard-living, chain-smoking rebel with a tender heart.  A poet with a potty mouth.  Farm girl. Former cheerleader. World-class cancer researcher.  Beloved professor.  Dr. Louise Nutter, or LuLu has just discovered a new anti-cancer drug when she finds out she is dying of breast cancer herself at 42.  Shot during those last 15 months of LuLu’s life, The LuLu Sessions is a raw, intimate, yet surprisingly humorous story about the filmmaker showing up for her best friend and ex-something, and together, testing the limits of their bond while taking on life’s ultimate adventure.


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