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The Pearl of Africa | Global Peace Film Festival
Sept. 18-23, 2018 | Orlando, FL

The Pearl of Africa

Director: Jonny Von Wallstrom
Sweden/Kenya/Thailand/Uganda, 2016, 76 mins

The Pearl of Africa is a love story about a 28 year old Ugandan transgender girl and her boyfriend. Cleo, biologically born male, but against all odds transitioning into the woman she knows she was born to be, and Nelson on the surface seem like any couple falling in love. But Cleo is a trans activist and Nelson is a straight guy who used to believe that trans people were abominations. Their story unfolds in Uganda, once called The Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill for its vast diversity of flora and fauna, one of the world’s most transphobic places. Their struggle is documented beautifully in this film.

Watch the Trailer: