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PANELS | Global Peace Film Festival
Sept. 28-Oct. 4, 2014 | Orlando, FL


As part of The Global Peace Film Festival, This Time Next Year will screen clips of the film and offer an Emergent Leaders in Disaster Response training to festival goers and the public … MORE 

All panel discussions are free, but require tickets. Tickets can be reserved at the link following each panel description.

All panels — with the exception of the Interfaith Dialogue on Sept. 21 — will be held at The Alfond Inn, 300 E. New England Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789.

Panel Discussion: What is Peace?

Wednesday, Sept. 17; 4 pm @ The Alfond Inn; FREE
What is Peace? Join an esteemed panel of local leaders for a discussion race and class in today’s America. The panel will take a look back at the progress made in US civil rights/race relations in the fifty years since the passage of the Civil Rights Act, and look forward at our hope for the future. Panelists include Allie Braswell, former President of the Central Florida Urban League and Krystal Pherai, UCF student and staff assistant of Valencia College’s Peace and Justice Initiative. Moderator: Rudolph Cleare, Management Director of the “Negro Spiritual” Scholarship Foundation. Get Ticket


Panel Discussion: Peace Pitch – Works-in-Progress

Thursday, Sept. 18; 4pm @ The Alfond Inn; FREE
Local environmentalists/filmmakers Bob Giguere and Bill Belleville discuss their upcoming film Hidden Secrets of Florida Springs that explores their mysteries, including the fact that humans may have done more damage to Florida’s magical springs in the last half century than others have done in the last ten thousand years. And Eric Forman shares his work-in-progress Dead Time about two New York lawyers who have spent over 20 years defending a prisoner on death row in Alabama.
When David Dretzin, an aging NY lawyer who had spent 13 years working pro bono to free an Alabama death row inmate, dies in a tragic car accident, a young 28-year-old attorney David Kochman takes over the case. Shot over eight years, DEAD TIME follows Kochman as he continues the fight for justice in America’s Deep South. Its a story of intense commitment against all odds and an intimate look into the world of an inmate who has spent 23 hours a day in an 8×5 cell for almost 3 decades.Get Ticket


Panel Discussion: Making Films That Make a Difference

Friday, Sept. 19; 4pm @ The Alfond Inn; FREE
This panel will be led by Molly Murphy, Co-Director of Working Films. Recognizing the power of stories to inspire and transform, Working Films builds partnerships between nonfiction media-makers, nonprofit organizations, educators and advocates to advance social justice and environmental sustainability, and support community-based change. Working Films trains and consults filmmakers in audience engagement and works with NGOs to use documentaries to enhance their programs, extend their reach, and move their missions forward.  Molly will be joined by filmmakers who will discuss their successes, challenges, and the commitment required to bring issue-oriented films to audiences in ways that straddle the double bottom line: making a living while making a difference.  Get Ticket


Panel Discussion: Special Program

Saturday, Sept. 20; 11am @ The Alfond Inn; FREE

PURSUING THE PASSION: Local filmmaker Woodruff Laputka discusses his experiences as a professional, full-time freelance documentarian. Spanning a career of nearly 10 years, Woodruff has traveled all over the world, including the very roof of it, Mt. Everest. Sharing examples of his work, he discusses what drove him to filmmaking in the first place, how he got to this point in his career, and where he’s off to next, the largest adventure of his life.

About Woodruff Laputka: Raised in Central Florida on National Geographic and Indiana Jones, he has travelled the world for nearly 10 years as a freelance documentary filmmaker. His adventures have taken him across five continents, from the Moors of Scotland, to the deserts of Jordan, to the peaks of the Himalayas. With a love for the unique cultural havens of the planet, Woodruff seeks to tell the stories untold, helping to present new, inspiring perspectives to a global audience. Get Ticket


Panel Discussion: Interfaith Dialogue

Sunday, Sept. 21, 6:30pm @ Bush Auditorium, Rollins College; FREE
Bush Auditorium @ Rollins College, Holt Ave., Winter Park, FL.

Following the screening of Every Three Seconds at 5pm, a panel of leaders from different faiths will talk about taking action regarding the issues raised in the film. Ticket for the film required. Get Ticket