2019 Online Film Festival

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Films will begin screening here from Sept. 16 through Sept. 22 


Production Company: 9muse produzioni | Producers: Antonio Maciocco | Directors: Antonio Maciocco | Writers: Antonio Maciocco | Run Time: 18:55

A very old man,who is just about to turn 100-years-old, has had enough of living. The unexpected arrival of a granddaughter will give him back his will to live and love.

Amazing Racers

Filmmaker: Susan Colleen Snell  Run Time: 9:04

Racers overcome tremendous odds to succeed in a high stakes sport. They are exceptional leaders who embody teamwork. Their profession demands it. None of this is lost on kids. RACERS WHO CARE provides children all over the world with access to these extraordinary men and women in order to ask questions and hear their stories. These elite individuals energize basic steps to reach goals by walking kids through a roadmap to achieve them. It is personal, it is motivating, and it is life changing for young people. This documentary short introduces us to some of the AMAZING RACERS from RACERS WHO CARE.

APEX: The Appalachian Experience

Production Company: Jeff Cap Productions and Matty Fullms Productions | Producers: Matt Fullmer | Directors: Jeffrey Wallin | Run Time: 33:45

Every year, a group of college students makes their way through the mountains of Appalachia and into the once-beating heart of America. While there, they experience revelations about the mystifying region of Appalachia while unearthing hard truths about themselves and their own prejudices. Remove the lens of your own worldview and explore the complexities of the Appalachian region through the voices and stories of its people.

Bison Nation-Walking Sacred Sites

Production Company: Elke Duerr LLC | Producers: Elke Duerr | Directors: Elke Duerr | Writers: Elke Duerr | Run Time: 48:58

We are still here. This is our story, the story of the bison, who inhabit the Northern Hemisphere. You might also know us as buffalo, tatanka, zubr, wisent, basha, Inii, ethanon, tatanga, Wisent... It is a comical story, because sometimes we are caught in politics, colonialism or religion. It is a story of disconnection and destruction as well as a story of hope, resilience, beauty, interconnectedness, return and reunion. We are walking sacred sites because we take care of our biggest sacred site: The Earth.

Block This Caller

Producers: Jonny Lewis | Directors: Jonny Lewis | Writers: Jonny Lewis | Run Time: 8:48

Two men randomly meet in the desert and decide not to fight each other — despite phone calls from "important people higher up" suggesting that they do so.

The Campfire Project

Production Company: The Campfire Project | Producers: Jessica Hecth | Directors: Claudia Giannetto | Writers: Claudia Giannetto | Run Time: 58:32

In December 2017, actress Jessica Hecht, producer Jenny Gersten, director Arin Arbus and music director Mary Mitchell Campbell made their first visit to the Ritsona Refugee Camp, one hour north of Athens. Their host, I AM YOU, is an NGO devoted to bettering the lives of displaced persons through education, healthcare and legal support. The project that Jessica was planning became The Campfire Project. Six months later, 15 international theatre artists, a psychiatrist, a NYC schoolteacher, a translator and a documentary crew returned to the camp. Over the next four weeks they created an Arabic language version of Shakespeare's The Tempest, provided basic educational assistance, ran wellness classes for residents of all ages and provided translation for the multitude of residents suffering from trauma- and stressor-related disorders. The film documents their journey.


Producers: Fiona Worlanyo Ansah | Directors: Juulia Kalavainen | Writers: Chinh Van Tran | Run Time: 5:16

A war-torn area. A solitary military checkpoint. A soldier stands guard alone, the only soul between two conflicting areas. Amidst the oppressive and desolate landscape, he discovers an unexpected connection with a little girl.

Chef Darren: The Challenge of Profound Deafness

Production Company: Concentric Media | Producers: Dorothy Fadiman | Directors: Dorothy Fadiman | Writers: Dorothy Fadiman | Run Time: 26:46

CHEF DARREN profiles the determination of a profoundly deaf boy and his family as they work together to find ways to communicate. The film reveals the challenges that Darren, his parents and his older brother, Seth all face. Darren speaks candidly about his frustrations with the judgments of his peers in school, as his parents decided to "mainstream" him through the public education system. Darren grows from an early silent childhood, using hearing aids, and then getting a cochlear implant. As he moves out into the world, he meets and marries, Sawalin, who uses sign language only. Together they raise their son Noah, who has no hearing loss. Noah has become fluent in both spoken and sign language. Through his passionate determination, Darren goes on to become an award-winning Chef at his own trend-setting restaurant. Being deaf clearly makes some situations more difficult, the film shows how Darren is not stopped by his hearing loss, as he continues to forge ahead.

Coffee Hunter Project

Production Company: Flor del Desierto | Producers: Stephanie Scriven | Directors: Stephanie Scriven | Writers: Stephanie Scriven

Cafe Kreyol, also known as Coffee Hunter Project, focuses on creating sustainable employment in countries like Haiti through the direct trade of specialty grade coffee. In the 1960s Haiti actually produced over half the entire world's coffee supply. Due to dictatorship, deforestation, and natural disasters, they now produce less than 1%. Coffee Hunter, Joey Stazzone, paints the big picture for us as he travels through the coffee fields of Hispaniola.