2019 Films

A Living Earth


  Belgium | 52 mins. | 2018 | Documentary Feature

Directed by: Luc Dechamps  

Sustainable ecosystems are talked about, but few are living it. A year in the life of permaculture is captured by Luc Dechamp’s camera watching from the heights of Spa, the work at the Belgian Desnie Farm School, a self-sustaining community thriving on permaculture.

Screens with: Plant the Seed and The Plummery


The Robo Con


  USA | 16 mins. | 2019 | Documentary Short

Directed by: Candice Delevante  

With an unexpected turn of events at the end of this short film, Wall Street emerges victorious in its quest to turn the foreclosure process into a for-profit business.  Along with the big banks, they have been quietly foreclosing on homes across America with no oversight from local, state or federal authorities by using a process called robo signing.

Screens with: Decade of Fire


The Plummery


  Australia | 8 mins. | 2019 | Documentary Short

Directed by: Jordan Osmond & Antoinette Wilson  

The Plummery is a suburban home where a backyard permaculture garden measuring only 1076 sq. ft. (100 sq/m) produces over 900 pounds (400kg) of food year-round.

Screens with: A Living Earth and Plant the Seed

Plant the Seed


  USA | 11 mins. | 2018 | Documentary Short

Directed by: Taina Asili  

Music video about black farmer and educator Leah Penniman and her journey to become the founder of Soul Fire Farm, a national leader in the food justice movement. 
Screens with: A Living Earth and The Plummery


Planting Seeds, Growing Justice


  USA | 13 mins. | 2018 | Documentary Short

Directed by: Kinsley Gerks & Renee Sang  

Farmworkers are often more adversely affected by climate change than others; an altered environment alters their source of livelihood. The Farmworker Association of Florida gives voice to farmworkers and climate justice advocates who are on a mission to utilize indigenous agricultural practices to save our environment, replenish local lands and empower the farm-working community.

The New Gatherers


  USA | 2 mins. | 2019 | Documentary Short

People from all walks of life are picking up trash. They are spreading out across trails and parking lots, rivers and beaches. Their dream? To stop the tide of litter. They hope to prevent 8 million metric tons of plastic that enter our world’s oceans each year by collecting it, one piece at a time. Will you join them and gather the garbage before it reaches the sea?

Keepers of the Future: La Coordinadora of El Salvador


  USA/El Salvador | 24 mins. | 2017 | Documentary Short

Directed by: Avi Lewis  

In a fertile floodplain in El Salvador, where the great river meets the sea, a peasant movement puts down roots – growing resilience in the scorched earth of exile and civil war. They soon discover new challenges: climate crisis exacerbated by an economy of ruinous extraction. The solutions they come up with will be a revelation for audiences in the prosperous north: in their model may lie the key to the future.

heartbeat Iowa


  USA | 31 mins. | 2019 | Documentary Short

Directed by: Emily Cameron  

Across the US, heartbeat has become the latest weapon in the fight to end legal abortion, and last summer Iowa was one of the first states to enact such a ban. Heartbeat, Iowa documents an activist, a pro-life advocate, and the staff of Iowa’s oldest abortion clinic as they fight on opposing sides of this new legislation.

Screens with: The Uterati

The Gathering


  USA | 24 mins. | 2016 | Documentary Short

Directed by: Micki Dickoff  

The Gathering tells the story of Witness to Innocence, the largest organization of death row exonerees in the US. These innocent men and women, some spending decades on death row for murders they didn’t commit, come together once a year to share their thoughts and feelings, fears and dreams with the only people who really understand what they experienced.

Screens with: Walk in My Shoes


Blue Goes Green: Net Zero Police Station


  USA | 26 mins. | 2019 | Documentary Short

Directed by: Laure Quinlivan  

A police station in Cincinnati is the first Net Zero Energy police station in America. The project saved taxpayers money and included a surprising benefit – improved police-community relations: a sustainability and community engagement success story.

Screens with: Planting Seeds, Keepers of the Future and The New Gatherers