2022 ‘Free for All’ Shorts

These films will screen here for free from Sept. 26 through Oct. 2, 2022.

1.5 Degrees of Peace

Director: Kasha Sequoia Slavner

A documentary film to inspire a unified movement for peace and climate justice by award-winning activist GenZ filmmaker Kasha Sequoia Slavner

A Little House In Aberdeen

Director: Emily Goss

A woman reflects on her past and wonders about her future – while she happens to be having an abortion. A story about a person apart from the procedure as seen during her in-clinic abortion casually, vulnerably, and in real time.

Approval Needed

Director: Karen Anstee

After a day facing angry motorists, a lonely traffic warden finds an unexpected friend and the possibility of love at the supermarket self-check out.

Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops

Director: Susan Gray

The Earth is warming the Earth. Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops offers five short programs that explore how human-caused emissions are setting off natural warming loops around the globe – and why they have scientists worried.


Director: Sir Steve McQueen


Early detection and early treatment is vital in providing the best possible outcome when it comes to Prostate Cancer. Our film highlights and focuses on a community who is more affected by the disease in incidence and mortality. Raising awareness of Prostate Cancer to the black community.


Director: Ray Sharp

Long a vision in Ray Sharp’s mind, ONE combines stunning compositions and breathtaking visuals to illustrate the unity of humanity. Written, directed, and composed by Ray Sharp, this labor of the heart is truly a timeless illustration of what it means to love your neighbor and the cosmic forces that bring us all together as ONE.

Racial Harmony

Director: Lucy Rinaldi

One early death created a family tragedy. Another created a national uproar. Out of the cacophony came harmony. Racial Harmony tells the story of one family’s response to their own tragedy and a community program established in the months after George Floyd’s death.

So Powerful

Director: Isabel Miranda

A Cameroonian and American coming from very different backgrounds find harmony and a higher power through their music making.

The Count

Director: Jake Isaacs

The general populous does not know much about homelessness beyond the despair, which is often the focus in a lot of media and can leave viewers feeling helpless. What people need to know more about is how much work is being done in the pursuit of ending homelessness. This project offers a strength-based approach to ending homelessness by recognizing the talent and dedication of social service providers.

The Forbidden Call

Director: AnaMichele Morejon

Diane Whalen is a wife, mother, and spiritual director who is Catholic to her core. After 30 years in her local parish, Diane can no longer stand the patriarchy, sexism, and homophobia. Diane must discern a call — to become a priest in a renewed, more inclusive vision of the Church — even if that means losing the only faith community she has ever known. Change in the Catholic Church is long overdue, but Diane’s ministry is one step in the right direction.

The Last Dance with the Persian Cheetah

Director: Mohammadreza Rahmani

An old man on the last day of his work in the taxidermy section of the Wildlife Museum, taxidermies the skin of an endangered Iranian cheetah.

Water Is Earth’s Blood

Water is the Blood of Earth. When this system is disrupted, damage and loss is inevitable. When the water cycle is fully functioning we have a healthy environment. Learn more about Water Stories and the community they are building: Water Stories Homepage

Family Heirloom

Director: João Nuno Brochado

Dealing with grief and the passing of time, Lao is an old man whose son is living far from Macau. Left without friends and or anyone with whom to leave a precious family relic, his heirloom seems bound to be forgotten. Until one day…