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Filmmaker Interviews; Virtual Festival Films

“16 Bars”

Watch “16 Bars”

“A Concerned Citizen”

Watch “A Concerned Citizen”

“Birddog Nation” & “Swing State Florida”

Watch “Birddog Nation”
Watch “Swing State Florida”

William Kelly, Mark Street & Fiona Cochrane, “Can Art Stop a Bullet?”

Watch “Can Art Stop a Bullet?”

“Comrade Dov”

Watch “Comrade Dov”

Lori Miller & Keary Ritchie, “Day One”

Watch “Day One”

Larissa Sousa, “Our Gorongosa”

Watch “Our Gorongosa”

“Mantra”, “The Great Disconnect” and short film “Surfing Corona”

Watch “Mantra”
Watch “The Great Disconnect”
Watch “Surfing Corona”

“Sweet Home Monteverde”, “Peace with Nature in Costa Rica” & “Lifting the Green Screen”

Watch “Sweet Home Monteverde”
Watch “Peace With Nature in Costa Rica”
Watch “Lifting the Green Screen”

“The Third Harmony”

Watch “The Third Harmony”

“Terror and Hope: The Science of Resilience”

Watch “Terror and Hope: The Science of Resilience”

“Viral,” “Liberation Heroes” and short film “At First They Don’t Believe”

Watch “Viral”
Watch “Liberation Heroes”
Watch “At First They Don’t Believe”

Abby Ginzburg, “Waging Change”

Watch “Waging Change”

“The Vow From Hiroshima”

Watch “The Vow From Hiroshima”

“Elder Voices”

Watch “Elder Voices: Stories for Our Time”

Filmmaker Interviews; Free Short films

Watch any of the films discussed below, for free, here.

Eva Millauer, “A Universal Prayer for Peace”

James Bianchi, “BLINK”

Robin Canfield, “The Butterfly Effect” & “Constant Dripping Hollows out the Stone”

Diane Tuft, “Coastal Requiem”

Andrew Purchin, “The Curious Scroll”

Isaac Brown, “Feeding Survivors”

Raul Engelke, “Happiness?”

Michael Snyder, “Into the Dark”

Brian Redondo, “Keep Saray Home”

Maria Allred, “Little Nations”

Shba Cochrane & Annie Kitral, “The Simple Path”

Art Meditation led by Andrew Purchin, director of “The Curious Scroll”